Priory Gay Gordon NFS 141
1959, mörkbrun
Slipper 3518 NPS
1952, fux
Forest Horse
Forest Horse
Juliette 8871 NPS
1948, brun
Newtown Spark 2582 NPS
Whisper 7665 NPS
Priory Pippin 8351 NPS
1944, mörkfux
(Forest Horse) .
Burley Bracken 7280 NPS
1933, mörkbrun
Forest Horse
Burley Brookside 6329 NPS


Född 1962
Färg Fux
Mankhöjd -
Utdrag från
Stuteri Priorys


Burton Sunlight, Starlight's full brother was purchased to strengthen the
line on the male side and was soon Champion Stallion at the Breed Show
and, having been broken, before long was winning under saddle, jumping,
hunting and competing in cross county events.

With Pink Petticoats, their first male prodgeny was Priory Black Boots,
again a breed champion under saddle and in hand, who sired a line
of oustanding ponies.

The last of Pink Petticoats' foals, Tickled Pink won the New Forest
Ponies Supreme Championship at the Enthusiasts' Show at the tender
age of 15 years.

Avkommor Godkända Hingstar
f 1969 Priory Back Boots NFS 2950
f 1980 Priory Tickled Pink NFS 23/046